UPCOMING WEBINAR: DevOps Testing and How Eclipse IDE's Can Help

September 26th at 3pm EST

The success of batch processes are an essential part of running any Enterprise DevOps Practice. The core attributes of any great testing service include:

  • Predictability
  • Availability
  • Shared Usability
  • ...and of course, Measurability

Implementing Eclipse IDE's can be a useful asset in achieving all four of these elements.

Join us Thursday, September 26th at 3pm EST as we go over in detail how these plug-ins work, along with some practical use case examples of the IDE's in action.

Save your spot:

  • Predictability 
    Ensuring the highest level of confidence that your testing service is predictive of  target system (run-time) conditions  
  • Availability 

    Ensuring that your testing service is accessible from the user or system interface of choice

  • Shared Usability

    Ensuring that your testing service is designed with the needs of the Build, Test or Run Stakeholder that will use it, in mind

  • Measurability
    Ensuring the testing service is designed to collect, store and present the metrics  to help validate progress against goals for early defect elimination and improved quality.      

About Our Speakers

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Sal Del Conte

Sal is a recognized expert in batch optimization and JCL Development. He is a 40 year IT industry veteran who has held positions with CA as the Vice President of Global Mainframe Practices, as well as with Diversified Software as the Vice President of Operability Services. For the last 10 years, Sal has led the Implementation Services and Support organizations for Software Engineering of America, a world leader in z Systems and IBM i software products and expertise.

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Jim Morgan

Jim is a long time sales leader specializing in enterprise software for Build and Run organizations. He has dedicated 25 years to Batch Deployment and Delivery Best Practices in serving leading Z installations worldwide.

About SEA

Established in 1982 Software Engineering of America has built a worldwide reputation as a leading provider of data center software solutions. With products licensed at over 10,000 data centers worldwide (partial user list) SEA's customers include 9 of the fortune 10 and over 90% of the Fortune 500.