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Using Exit Points to Build an IBM i Firewall

Guide to  Managing IBM i  Security with Exit Points

The IBM i OS doesn’t come with its own out-of-the-box firewall, as you would find with stand-alone network firewalls or other servers.

IBM instead offers exit points that are activated from inside operating system requests such as Telnet & FTP signons. By writing exit programs and registering them to exit points, IBM i environments can build their own firewalls, exit point by exit point.

SEA’s new guide explains how to use exit points to enable IBM i firewall capabilities and to extend i operating system functionality, including: 

  • Understanding what IBM i exit points are, how they work and why they are critical to IBM i security
  • Key considerations and common problems with using exit point programming
  • The benefits of using third-party solutions for exit point management over creating your own exit point programs
  • Commonly used IBM i exit points for increased security