A Next Generation Platform for IBM i Scheduling
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What is absScheduler?

absScheduler automates and simplifies the management and monitoring of batch processes on IBM i systems. With absScheduler, users can quickly and easily schedule individual jobs or the most complex multi-job workflows. All aspects of the schedule can be monitored from a common GUI as well as green screen dashboard, providing increased control, improving productivity and reducing production delays. absScheduler allows companies to move to a true event-driven scheduling environment, running and executing jobs based on the occurrence of an event such as a change to a file or the creation of a file.

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Lightning Fast

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Improve Productivity

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Fully Customizable


Enterprise Monitoring Dashboard

enterprise monitoring

absScheduler features a dashboard that includes multiple graphs summarizing job execution statuses for local and network views as well as live monitoring dials.


Powerful Scheduling Console

scheduling console
  • Concentrate on scheduling events from remote systems
  • View, Monitor & Manage scheduling events from one console
  • Seamlessly toggle between current system and remote systems


Schedule Jobs Across Multiple IBM i Systems and Partitions


absScheduler includes a number of features and options, allowing for a significant amount of customization when scheduling jobs across systems. Options for scheduling configuration include running and planning jobs to execute based on parameters such as:

System Name

Run-Day Scheduling 

Run-Time Scheduling 

Holiday Handling 

Exception Handling


Group Organization



The GROUPS feature allows you to create a shared template with attributes that can be saved and used when creating and scheduling multiple jobs to run. This will eliminate unnecessary and redundant work when the same changes are required to be made to multiple jobs. With absScheduler you can quickly make the change to multiple jobs with just one change at the GROUP level.



Complex Job Workflows, Conditions and Dependency Support

Complex Job Workflows

Built into absScheduler is the ability to easily create job workflows when there are complex dependencies between jobs. Within an absScheduler workflow, several jobs that must execute in succession based on completion of a prior job can be scheduled quickly and easily. Additionally, absScheduler's advanced event monitoring capabilities will allow these complex workloads to run based on the occurrence of an event such as a file being changed or created.



Schedule An Overview Session

schedule a session

Schedule an absScheduler overview session today with one of our sales representatives to see why absScheduler is right for your company. Within the overview session we will explain the features of absScheduler, give you a live demo of the software, and help assess your current scheduling situation to see if our scheduler could help boost your productivity.