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JCL is an essential element of your batch environment. Making sure that it’s free of defects, compliant with in-house standards and easy to maintain, is an integral part of IT Delivery and business operations for today’s Enterprise.
SEA’s plus+Pack suite covers every aspect of JCL management with the highest  level of automation possible. plus+Pack  thoroughly simulates target system batch run-time conditions,  automates the enforcement of site standards, and simplifies the process of making high integrity JCL changes.

Benefits of SEA's plus+Pack

Integration with Compuware Topaz and IBM IDz
Accessible through API's, Web or Green Screen
JCL Testing designed for Agile & Devops
Metrics to measure the effectiveness of your JCL Testing
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code iconDetecting JCL Syntax and run-time errors before they occur is one of the most important things to manage when it comes to JCL. Even a syntax error as small as one character, one missing GDG index, or an unexpected security violation can end up costing your business hours of lost production time. JCLplus+ helps you avoid these errors by providing the most thorough runtime simulation on the market.

JCLplus+ Remote

48578-200-1 JCLplus+Remote provides a robust, secure and extremely flexible proprietary middleware communication process that allows JCL to be sent from a source image to a target image for JCLplus+ validation. Once there, it allows the results to be returned to the source image. This process functions in either online or batch modes, and can quickly  enable integration with any Enterprise platform designed to  take advantage of APIs; an essential requirement for today’s DevOps Enterprise.

JCLplus+ Remote Plugin for Topaz Workbench

plug leftIn a Service Oriented Architecture, the JCLplus+ Remote Plug-ins allow the requesting and delivery of JCL Management services to occur entirely on the Topaz Workbench desktop or IDz environment. Our JCLplus+Remote Plug-ins extend the functionality of JCL Validation and Run-time simulation to the Topaz Workbench, IDz, or any Eclipse-based  development environment.

JCLplus+ Remote Plugin for IDz

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In a Service Oriented Architecture, IDz can be deployed to request and receive JCL Management Services entirely from within the IDz desktop environment. This new framework enables TSO developers and streamlines maintenance and support tasks. The JCLplus+Remote Plug-in for IDz enhances the functionality of its JCL Validation and Runtime simulation to the IDz development environment.

XREFplus+ DBr

custom-01 XREFplus+ enables you to customize how your installation’s batch Jobs utilize datasets, Jobs, Procs, programs, DB2 info, and scheduling components. This powerful tool not only gives you a comprehensive view of the interrelationships of your JCL, programs, and datasets, but the open database build allows easy integration with any data collected by XREFplus+DBr.

About SEA

Established in 1982 Software Engineering of America has built a worldwide reputation as a leading provider of data center software solutions. With products licensed at over 10,000 data centers worldwide SEA's customers include 9 of the fortune 10 and over 90% of the Fortune 500.