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JSLplus+: Java Batch Validation & Run-Time Simulation

SEA's JSLplus+ plugin enhances the validation and run-time simulation of Java batch processes that adhere to the JSR-352 standards.

The JSLplus+ plugin provides a comprehensive set of tools to validate individual Job XMLs, all Job XMLs in an Eclipse project, or all Job XMLs packaged within a WAR file.

Key features of the JSLplus+ plugin include:

  • Syntax Checking and JSL-Specific Error Detection: Ensures the validity of your XML files and identifies any JSL-specific errors.  
  • Variable Property Definition Resolution: Resolves variable property definitions seamlessly, allowing for accurate validation. 
  • JSL Semantics Validation: Validates JSL Semantics including proper coding of forward references and property references. 
  • Artifact Reference Validation: Verifies references to artifacts, such as the existence of Java classes and their correct implement of interfaces

The JSLplus+ plugin is compatible with any Eclipse-based Java Integrated Development environment (IDE).