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On-Demand Webinar

Modern IBM Z Batch Quality and the DevOps Tools Landscape

DevOps practices have quickly grown and transformed the software development life cycle required to achieve high-quality applications. While the adoption of this culture has expanded the list of technologies and tool offerings, many companies are struggling to integrate and adapt their existing legacy CI/CD processes to this new landscape.

The automation of testing and quality of JCL, the scripting language used to run batch applications on z/OS, is crucial as mainframe teams move in the direction of releasing code more frequently.  

In this webinar, we explore how the SEA JCLplus+ Technology and Architecture can assist your organization in improving the quality of your JCL by effectively integrating with the following tools and capabilities: 

  • IDE Plugins based in Eclipse and Visual Studio
  • IDE Plugins and GitHub
  • Collaborative lifecycle management – IBM RTC
  • Automation and Scheduling Plugins
  • CI/CD using Jenkins
  • JCLplus+ Java Client via scripting languages (Object Rexx, Python, others) 
  • Zowe Open Source Framework

Our Speakers

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Alfredo Perez

Alfredo Perez is an International Senior Consultant and Product Manager for Software Engineering of America. He has over 25 years’ experience in different data center positions. Before joining Software Engineering of America  Alfredo was a Mainframe consultant for Diversified Software Systems, IBM Global Services, and large information technology and outsourcing services company in the Latin America region. 

He has worked in many areas of data processing as a system programmer and consultant, including automated operations, batch management, DevOps, accounting and chargeback, performance management, data security, operating system administration (z/OS, VM, VSE, and Unix), project management, research, and data center outsourcing strategies. He has developed and taught various courses including VM fundamentals, Accounting/Chargeback, Automated Operations, and RACF administration. Alfredo is a regular speaker at z/OS Conferences and Forums.  

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Sal Del Conte

Sal is a recognized expert in batch optimization and JCL Development. He is a 40 year IT industry veteran who has held positions with CA as the Vice President of Global Mainframe Practices, as well as with Diversified Software as the Vice President of Operability Services. 

For the last 10 years, Sal has led the Implementation Services and Support organizations for Software Engineering of America, a world leader in z Systems and IBM i software products and expertise.