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On Demand Webinar

POWERCast: 5 Ways to Modernize IBM i Monitoring

IBM i monitoring is more than just sending messages when events occur. 

The need for advanced IBM i monitoring capabilities and modernization has exploded well beyond what was needed ten years ago, and much more than was needed in the 1990s when i monitoring systems were initially created on the AS/400. 

Just as you need to modernize user interfaces, you also need to modernize your IBM i monitoring systems for response, auditing, regulatory, user and SLA requirements. 

This on demand Webinar discusses the latest advanced monitoring techniques and how they can help you modernize your IBM i monitoring environments by:

  • Improving monitoring alerts & escalations, and creating a higher degree of automation in the message response process 
  • Administering and monitoring multiple IBM i systems from a single dashboard for organizations, cloud providers and MSPs
  • Integrating IBM i monitoring with service desk platforms such as ServiceNow and PagerDuty
  • Supporting Microsoft’s multi-factor authentication requirement for users receiving IBM i email alerts
  • Integrating with Security Information and Event Systems (SIEMs) and log management solutions for enterprise-wide forensics & analysis
  • Providing advanced reporting capabilities for management, auditors and regulators

Our Speaker

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Lloyd Ramdarie

Lloyd Ramdarie is an IBM i Technical Support team member at Software Engineering of America. His background includes working in IBM i space for quite a number years with a large extent of his experience coming from heavy involvement with securing the IBM i. He is a seasoned IT professional who can utilize his vast experiences and expertise to help you implement the very best end to end security solutions in the IBM i environment.