UPCOMING WEBINAR: plus+Pack Tips and Tricks Version 4.4

July 17th at 3pm EST

Join us Wednesday, July 17th at 3pm EST, as we give some pointers on how to make the best use of plus+Pack. In this useful webinar, we'll discuss


  • An overview of plus+Pack
  • Tips to make the best use of plus+Pack
  • A Q&A session with Senior Consultant, Alredo Perez who can answer your specific questions about how you can maximize the value of plus+Pack in your environment. 

Save your spot:

  • Specific REXX code to facilitate Best Practices JCL validation through integration with XREFplus DBr
  • Numerous tips on REXX coding techniques to facilitate JCLplus standards validation and JCL Re-engineering
  •  New JOBORDER statement  to specify sequence of Jobs to be validated

  • Often-overlooked Configuration statements that might provide enhanced functionality for your JCL validation / change requirements
  • New JCLplus Edit Macro parms to provide enhanced reporting

About Our Speaker

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Alfredo Perez

Alfredo Perez is an International Senior Consultant and Product Manager for Software Engineering of America. He has over 20 years’ experience in different data center positions. Prior to joining Software Engineering of America  Alfredo was a Mainframe consultant for Diversified Software Systems, IBM Global Services and for a large information technology and outsourcing services company in the Latin America region.

He has worked in many areas of data processing as a system programmer and consultant, including automated operations, batch management, DevOps, accounting and chargeback, performance management, data security, operating system administration (z/OS, VM, VSE and Unix), project management, research and data center outsourcing strategies. He has developed and taught various courses including VM fundamentals, Accounting/Chargeback, Automated Operations and RACF administration. Alfredo is a regular speaker at z/OS Conferences and Forums.

About SEA

Established in 1982 Software Engineering of America has built a worldwide reputation as a leading provider of data center software solutions. With products licensed at over 10,000 data centers worldwide (partial user list) SEA's customers include 9 of the fortune 10 and over 90% of the Fortune 500.