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On-Demand Webinar

Safeguarding the IBM i from Ransomware Attacks

Although many companies deploy anti-malware software across their network, most companies still don’t deploy anti-ransomware software across their IBM i environment, leaving the IFS and its files vulnerable to a ransomware attack that can affect an entire organization.   

Although ransomware cannot be directly executed on an IBM i, it can affect IBM i Integrated File System (IFS) folders by encrypting and renaming files.  

Encrypting IFS files can disable IBM i applications that use stream files in their processing, including i applications such as document management, email, EDI, Web serving, and other apps. 

It can also destroy user files—such as Word, Excel, and PDF files—that are stored on the IFS.

In this webinar we discuss:    

  • How did I get Ransomware?

  • How Ransomware Attacks IBM i Files

  • Best IBM i practices to reduce malware and virus risks

  • Tools to safeguard against malware on the IBM i