Organizations’ efforts to modernize their traditional Mainframe Development environment to meet future computing demands have evolved into a strategic objective. z/OS batch processing is still mission-critical for most medium to large organizations, but organizations are also looking to accelerate release schedules by providing better testing tools that help developers eliminate defects sooner. Providing access to JES Log and SYSOUT output from all development environments is an integral part of the best practices testing process.

Join us April 24th at 2 PM ET!

In our upcoming webinar we'll cover:

  • SEA batch / Sysout practice and framework
  • Why the SEA’s $AVRS solution is unique
  • Live demo of SEA $AVRS UI capabilities
    • z/OS 3270
    • ECLIPSE IDE plugin
    • $AVRS Web UI
  • The approach for migrating from an existing JES log and SYSOUT product to SEA $AVRS