PAST WEBINAR: Top 5 Security Threats To IBM i And How To Avoid Them

September 12, 2019

Although the IBM i platform could be considered the most securable platform in any business or organization, many still haven't fully taken advantage of this incredible technological feature. Join us Thursday, September 12th at 3pm EST, as we outline 5 critical risks to your IBM i environment, as well as what you can do to avoid them.

In our Webinar, we intend to shed some light on:

  • Operator errors and interactions that impact the IBM i security setup 

  • Users with too much authority that can interact with data that is meant to be secure.

  • The risk involved with remote access to the IBM i

  • Monitoring local activity - Leverage QAUDJRN to monitor activity that can impact business critical data

  • Protecting the IFS -  Enforcing a common sense security policy for the IFS

View the recording:

  • Managing best practices in order to keep critical data protected.
    Natively, the IBM i has a considerable array of security controls available. However, these are not active by default, and can sometimes be difficult to activate, review and control.
  • Managing user authority and why excessive authority can make you more vulnerable to a data breach. 

    Private authorities to business critical data in files is important, but often private authorities to an *ALLOBJ user can be just as dangerous.  Making sure that private authorities to all objects that can potentially cause a breach are secure is critical.


  • How to secure your data against the vulnerabilities caused by remote access.

    Translating security policies relevant to native IBM i access to a more client/server centric environment allows users to be aware of all access of its data, not just the native green screen or batch access.

  • How to monitor activity in order to reduce risk
    Identifying "active" high authority users such as programmers and admin staff and filtering their command usage is a great first step to better overall system security.

About Our Speaker

Lloyd new- circle

Lloyd Ramdarie

ALloyd Ramdarie is an IBM i Technical Support team member at Software Engineering of America. His background includes working in IBM i space for quite a number years with a large extent of his experience coming from heavy involvement with securing the IBM i. He is a seasoned IT professional who can utilize his vast experiences and expertise to help you implement the very best end to end security solutions in the IBM i environment.

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