UPCOMING WEBINAR: The Attributes of Testing Processes Engineered for IBM Z DevOps Practices

May 22nd at 3 pm EST

Most would agree that better collaboration, increased velocity, quality, and automation are all desired outcomes for DevOps investments, independent of platform or tooling.

A core attribute enabling these outcomes in the DevOps Enterprise can be observed in the commitment to highly predictive and constantly improving testing processes driving early defect elimination.

This session will explore the importance of considering these topics in context of mission critical Z batch processing.

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DevOps Considerations

We'll take into account the mindsets of stakeholders on the mainframe and how they play into the IBM Z attributes of testing processes.

Testing in DevOps


The Core Value of Testing

Additionally, we'll discuss the core value of testing as a DevOps priority, and its impact on the DevOps life cycle.

DevOps Batch Process Blue Updated


Batch Processing & More

We'll conclude with Batch processing and the JCL Scripting language as our use case, and will further explore testing in the areas of Predictability, Availability, and Measurement.

About Our Speakers

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Sal Del Conte

Sal is a recognized expert in batch optimization and JCL Development. He is a 40 year IT industry veteran who has held positions with CA as the Vice President of Global Mainframe Practices, as well as with Diversified Software as the Vice President of Operability Services. For the last 10 years, Sal has led the Implementation Services and Support organizations for Software Engineering of America, a world leader in z Systems and IBM i software products and expertise.

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Jim Morgan

Jim is a long time sales leader specializing in enterprise software for Build and Run organizations. He has dedicated 25 years to Batch Deployment and Delivery Best Practices in serving leading Z installations worldwide.

About SEA

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