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On Demand Webinar

POWERCast: 5 Ways to Protect IBM i IFS from Cyberattacks

Anti-virus & Anti-Ransomware solutions are commonplace in desktop, network, and Internet/cloud environments. But what about IBM i servers?

While admins almost always deploy Anti-Virus & Anti-Ransomware software on non-IBM i systems, many organizations still don’t deploy Anti-Virus & Anti- Ransomware solutions on their IBM i servers. This is in spite of the fact that IBM i IFS files contain critical business assets that are attractive targets for cybercriminals.

View our on demand webinar to learn how virus & ransomware attacks affect IBM i servers and how to enhance IBM i cybersecurity & protect IFS assets against AV/AR threats.

Here’s what you’ll learn about managing IBM i virus & ransomware threats:

  • Where IBM i systems and applications are most exposed to virus & ransomware attacks and their effects
  • Regulatory compliance requirements for Anti-Virus and Anti-Ransomware protection that mandate Anti-Virus & Anti-Ransomware protection
  • The 5 Layered Defense in Depth strategy you can employ to protect your IBM i servers from virus & ransomware attacks

Our Speakers


Mel Zucker

Mel Zucker is a 30-year IBM veteran, who worked in AS/400 and IBM i customer engineering, program support, system engineering, and technical consulting. For the last 15 years, Mel has served as a lead technical support resource for SEA’s internal and external customers. He is well versed in all aspects of IBM i system administration, operations, security, and compliance, and teaches highly technical material such as IBM i SIEM integration in a down-to-earth manner.  


Joe Hertvik

Joe Hertvik, PMP is the owner of Hertvik & Associates, an IT administration and infrastructure consultancy, specializing in IBM i and network management. He has managed IBM i hardware and network systems for Fortune 500 and private companies for 20+ years.  Joe has written more than 1000 articles covering IBM i, networking & project management topics, making him a go-to reference for IBM i & infrastructure information.