Join us Tuesday, March 19th at 2PM EST, as we discuss how to use XREFplus+DBr to easily determine how your installation’s batch Jobs are using datasets , Jobs, Procs, programs, DB2 info, scheduling components and much more. XREFplus+DBr gives you a complete picture of the interrelationships of your JCL, programs, and datasets, enabling Developers and support staff to quickly understand application flow and the impact of changes.

Key Features in a JCL Management Solution:

  • Data collectors for JCL, DB2 Catalog Info, SMF History, Scheduler data, etc.
  • An open database architecture that allows you to easily integrate other data with the data collected by XREFplus+DBr.

  • Both text and graphical display of interrelationships Extremely flexible Web UI

  • Eclipse based Plugin to access JCL metadata from IBM IDz, Compuware Topaz Workbench, or any other Integrated Development Environments.