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Integrating Mainframe Performance Data into APM Solutions

Getting Ready for Mainframe Integration with Your APM

This guide covers the concepts, objectives, and approaches to integrating IBM Z performance data—produced and stored by IBM System Management Facility (SMF)—into an enterprise Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution and other analytics platforms.

This guide will help you to:

• Understand observability and why it matters to IBM Z Systems

• Recognize the mainframe inclusivity problem and how mainframe performance data is siloed away from your monitoring and observability solutions

• Understand z/IRIS Technology, a vendor-neutral software product that integrates traces and metrics into APM to deliver end-to-end
mainframe observability and infrastructure monitoring

• Assess your Mainframe-to-APM integration needs using the IBM Z Observability checklist

• Create a plan for enabling mainframe performance data into your APM and analytics solution

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